Online casino gambling is a gigantic industry worldwide. The most significant part of this market remains the online “desktop” segment, enjoyed by a laptop or PC. However, the total sum of online desktop players is dropping year by year as the number of mobile gamblers grows annually. In a few years, the mobile casino platform will almost undoubtedly overtake its online predecessors in popularity. So, why is mobile gaming more popular now? 


Mobile gaming is a lot more convenient than playing on a PC or laptop. Your desktop is confined to a specific location, while laptops can be with you at all times, but they don’t have mobile Internet capabilities. With a phone or a tablet, on the other hand, you can play wherever you want


In the past, many online casino games were coded using Flash. The software was incompatible with mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. This made it impossible for players to enjoy their favourite game titles on mobile phones. Now, the industry has advanced from Flash to HTML5. It has become a lot easier for software providers to make games in both mobile and desktop versions.

Better Phones – Better Games

It’s simple. Each year, mobile devices get better than they were before. Most of our mobile phones and tablets have the processing power to handle games with high-definition 3D graphics and sometimes even virtual reality.

This means that most mobile phones and other mobile devices can run any online casino game without compromising on graphics or any features. In fact, many casino software providers have now been able to port the desktop version of their game straight onto mobile without having to change anything.

Mobile Casino Site

A couple of years ago, websites were designed for computers and didn’t work well on mobile devices. When you loaded up a website, it wasn’t uncommon for something to not work on your mobile screen. These days, software providers tend to follow a “mobile-first” policy. This ensures that modern websites work flawlessly across all mobile platforms.

Creating a website is quicker and cheaper than creating an app. This gives the software developers more time to optimize their site better, and they can introduce improvements and add new features with relative ease.

Another feature of websites is how quick it is to get online and start playing your favourite game titles. All you need to do is open your web browser and go to the site without going to an app store to download the app. If you’re constantly changing things up and playing at a new online casino every week, this will probably be your best choice.

Mobile Casino Apps

If you want to gamble using an app, you will have to download it to your mobile device before playing. This means that it may take a couple of minutes to get you started. Before doing so, check out the app description and see the customer reviews and comments. This may help you decide whether it’s worth downloading the app.

Since casino apps are specifically coded and designed for your mobile device, you can expect the gameplay to be smoother and faster than for a website. They also make use of many mobile useability gestures, such as swiping and tapping. This can lead to a more intuitive and immersive gambling experience. You will be able to enjoy a plethora of multiplayer casino games, meaning you also have an opportunity to play with your friends.

One downside of apps is that they can have some bugs that need fixing, and you will probably need to update the app from time to time. This can be somewhat annoying when you’re keen to get online and play. And, if your device is full, then you may need to manage your available space. However, with continuous updates, developers can introduce new features, improving your gaming experience.

And what about iOS vs Android? Both apps from Android and Apple’s app store casinos are numerous. Even though Android didn’t allow real money gambling apps in the past, it changed its policy a couple of years ago. Now, the playing field has levelled out. As such, it all comes down to personal choice now.


The gambling industry has come a long way from the old-school internet casino to the hundreds of different apps competing in the market.

What’s the best option for mobile casino gaming? If you can’t make up your mind about which casino to use, then it may be better for you to try out websites for the time being. If you find a favorite, there’s no harm in testing out the app to see which gambling experience you prefer. After all, if you’re playing for real money, you want to make sure you’re comfortable and enjoy your gambling as much as possible.