Let’s start this with a simple question and a simple answer:

Is mobile casino legit?

In short: yes.

Millions of online casino players use smartphone gambling apps to make the most out of their stakes and bets in an easy, fun, and engaging way. If this wasn’t convincing enough, here are some advantages that mobile casino users have.

It’s Free 

Online gambling apps are carefully designed products that guarantee a better and more secure experience than betting on desktop sites. Usually, casinos hire teams of professional IT developers that invest hours into planning a specific app. They try to make the app run your favorite casino game better and faster than on-site.

The best part is that these carefully programmed casino apps are still free to download. When downloading online casino apps for free, people basically get a free smartphone app that earns them money. And sometimes even life-changing amounts of money.

The only “bad” thing that one can think of is that it seems too good to be true. 

In that case, there is no reason not to download a dedicated app. That way, your favorite casino game becomes a more mobile, attractive, and immersive experience than it ever was!

A Cleaner and Learner Experience

When using mobile casino apps, you don’t have to worry about interface formatting while your game screen loads.

Many times, gamers lose their rounds or get annoyed when the site’s so-called white space can’t figure out where your screen begins and where it ends. App users have these parameters already installed when downloading suitable apps for their smartphones.

With proper mobile casino games, you won’t have your high-stakes poker games or hot blackjack hands clean and visible all the time. There is no need to worry that sudden website loading or pop-up ads will keep you distracted from your game.

Free Software Updates

Constant software updates are what keeps your game app up to date with all tech and gambling trends. Updates are a sort of app hygiene. All the valuable data gets sorted out from junk information so that players can enjoy highly volatile and already fast-paced rounds without a hitch.

The good thing about using mobile sites and casino apps is that you can always report a problem if something is out of place or malfunctions. Usually, app developers implement report buttons or feedback windows to share your thoughts and observations easily. That way, even if you encounter some bugs or problems, they will be thoroughly examined and patched in the next free version of the app you’re using.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Numbers and statistics don’t lie. Of course, you, as a gambler, already knew that. Some gambling research and data analytics show that the mobile casino market is worth billions of dollars. In 2020, mobile casino games were one of the top-grossing mobile gaming categories in the world.

Psychologists found that roughly 60% of smartphone users prefer to use their smart devices when responding to emails, shopping, banking, and doing other online errands. Mobile apps grant them the freedom of using smart devices wherever and whenever — a thing desktop computers and even the majority of laptops can’t do. Given that mobile gambling happens on smartphones, it is not surprising why gambling apps are so popular today.

The mobility grants players a sense of freedom when using mobile casino games. And let’s face it, you are probably reading this article from your smartphone. These statistics don’t need much scientific backing to be convincing to you.

Connected When Disconnected

Your smartphone automatically looks for available public Wi-Fi, so you don’t need to worry about using all your mobile data. Furthermore, nowadays, phone companies offer their customers extensive mobile data plans, so you might not even need to connect to the public Wi-Fi. In 2021, you likely won’t stay without an internet connection, even if you are far away from your home router.

One Account To Rule Them All

When gambling on a casino app, you only need to log in the first time you open the app. This master account then incorporates all necessary data and stores it into one place that you can easily access. This makes starting the next session faster and effortless. However, if you need to log out for some reason, having one account means you don’t need to remember dozens of unique usernames or passwords to play your favorite game again.

The Rule of Thumb

Today’s players prefer mobile casino gaming because of one thing: the touchscreen. Some gamblers like the idea of handling their stakes simply by moving their thumb.

Mobile casino gaming means that you can play games lying on your bed with one hand reaching for coffee and the other handling everything the game needs. This comfort is one of the things that keeps bringing more and more players to the idea of gambling on a mobile app.

Social Platforms Like No Other

Like other mobile social platforms, online mobile casinos are a place where real people meet.

You’re playing with genuine people, even though they might be hundreds of miles away from you. They can be every bit as cunning and tactical as you. 

That’s why understanding multiplayer casino games is of utmost importance before you engage in any of those types of games. You’ll need to be prepared for all sorts of tactics that other players throw at you. And even if you get into a losing streak, remember to always be polite and friendly with all app players. Otherwise, you might get banned or ruin the fun for other people playing with you.

The Downsides

Although using casino apps might make you feel superior when gambling, we cannot say it’s without a single fault.

For example, mobile casino apps constantly need to be updated. That’s why you’ll sometimes experience prolonged waiting in queues or even an (extremely) occasional app crash. Nevertheless, you must stay calm and rest assured that your money won’t magically disappear from your account.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is that not all online casino sites have dedicated apps yet. Or maybe they have an Android app but not the iOS app, and vice versa. However, the biggest online casinos have developed apps for their popular online casino games. Rest assured that others will soon follow. Eventually, every casino worth its salt will have an app for its games.

The final downside of mobile playing is the battery life on your device. However, this is a thing that none of us can avoid. Until phone manufacturers find a way to make our devices “immortal,” we’ll have to be satisfied with the longevity of our batteries. For the time being, be sure to get power banks, long charger cables, battery cases, and find public outlets.